Blockchain: day 1

November 18, 2021

2 mins

LunarVim as a Solidity IDE (Ethereum Development in Neovim)

  • Install Tabnine for completion, as completion is not part the lsp
  • Install Plug 'ChristianChiarulli/vim-solidity' for syntax highlighing
  • Install Solang lsp for minimal lsp support

How to Become a Blockchain Engineer

Plan to be successful

  • Set specific outcomes
  • Understand why
  • Make a plan
  • Take massive action towards that plan
  • Periodically reflect

Make a plan (to be a blockchain develop)

  • Understand why you want to be a blockchain dev
  • Learn some blockchain tech, dont get stuck in tutorial hell
  • Join a community, do a hackathon
  • Go deeper, get a job
  • Keep learning

Solidity course


start: 0min

stop: 29min


  • Look to network with other blockchain engineers

Welcome to blockchain

  • Powered by cryptography
  • Etherium added smart contracts
  • Smart contracts allow for agreements without centralised intermediaries
  • Smart contracts are self executing sets of intructions without 3rd parties
  • Smart contracts are writen in code
  • Smart contracts come with a flaw - The Oracle problem
  • Blockchains are deterministics, meaning they are closed off (a walled garden), everything happens on the smart contract.
  • The needs someway of getting external (to the blockchain) data.
  • Blockchain oracles bring data into the blockachain or execute external computation
  • The problem is that centralised oracles are a point of failure
  • Hybrid smart contracts combine off-chain data with on-chain smart contracts. Most DeFi are hybrid smart contracts
  • Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network and is blockchain protocol agnostic
  • What makes a blockchain
  • Decentralized

    • No central controlling source
  • Transparency and flexibility

    • Everything done on the blockchain is visible to everyone
    • Every plays by the same rules
    • Its sudo anonymous
  • Speed and efficiency

    • Because blockchain is verified, withdrawals are super fast
  • Remove the conflict of interest

    • e.g an insurance company is in the market of marking money. Having to payout is a conflict of interest they. They dont want to payout if they dont want have to
  • Security and immutability

    • Cant be tampered with
    • Huge security benefits
    • As long a one node stays up you data is safe
  • Trustless and trust minimised agreements

    • Move from brnad bsaed to math based agreements
    • There is no trust involved
  • This all adds up to freedom and trustless
  • DAOs - Decentralised Autonymous Organisations

    • all governance is done on chain

Metamask is a wallet

  • Use a spearate account for dev and live